2018 Workshops!

Paint clouds on your ceiling – online workshop

On August 22nd, I’ll be painting clouds on the ceiling in my own house and I want to invite you to join in an online workshop where we will all complete a ceiling painted with clouds! The workshop will be from August 22nd to September 12th. Purchasing a spot in the workshop will give you access to the real time videos that I will post every three-four days of my progress and instructions for everyone to complete before the next video. You will be able to comment and get all of your questions answered along the way as I respond and chat online with everyone to be sure that we all stay on track to finish our ceilings!

The Desert Scenery Workshop

On September 19th – 21st, We’ll work on rocky desert scenery just like we have here in Arizona. An excellent subject for dramatic color contrast. Blue shadows and green bushes on miles of orange sunlit rocks and desert mesas on the horizon.

This year we’ll be doing something new!

The day after each workshop, my time will be reserved for private lessons. You can sign up for a one on one painting session so that you and I can work through your specific interests. Those time slots will be sold by the hour.

Contact   joe@muraljoe.com   with any questions.