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Mural Joe Members have access to the entire library of Mural Joe tutorial videos. Hundreds of hours of tutorials that teach you how to paint landscapes, water, waves, clouds, people and so much more!
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Access the lessons below to learn how to paint:

  • New! Waterfall Scene
    Joe goes to Fossil Creek to study Waterfall scenery and use observations to paint from imagination in the studio
  • New! Glassy Lake Scene
    Join Joe for a fun adventure on the lake observing nature in person and bringing the knowledge back to the studio to paint a lake scene from imagination!
  • Faces & People
    Mural Joe walks you through the details of capturing a likeness without needing to use a grid. In addition, he also covers drawing the human body and then techniques for painting them.
  • Cliff Scene
    Watch, learn, and paint along with Joe in this full length 4-part series on painting an autumn rocky cliff scene.
  • Coastal Scene
    In this 3 part series on the fundamentals of landscape painting, learn the tools you need to create whatever is in your imagination! This lesson covers a Pacific Northwest coastline with cliffs, rocks, and a crashing wave shooting up into the sunlight.
  • Clouds
    A full course to guide you through the process of painting clouds on your ceiling.
  • Perspective
    Mural Joe shows you how to understand and use perspective in the buildings and structures in order to achieve life like depth.
  • Waves
    In this series, Mural Joe gives you all the tools to create waves on a beach, in the open water, and with any color water you choose.
  • Under Water Scenes
    In this series, Mural Joe gives you the tools to create the realistic look of being under water.
  • How to Paint a Landscape Mural
    Everything you need to know to paint a landscape mural! Joe shows step by step, his process and techniques for painting a landscape with acrylic latex wall paints.

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