How To Paint Clouds

Mural Joe shows you how to paint clouds in different shapes, sizes, colors, perspectives, and times of day. Purchase this lesson along with the following Cloud Ceiling Workshop and all other lessons in the Mural Joe All Video Bundle or get only this lesson here: How To Paint Clouds.


A full course to guide you through the process of painting clouds on your ceiling. This online workshop is now available for download! Watch it on YouTube now or download it to your own device. Follow along with Joe and get strategies and techniques for making natural and bright clouds in a bedroom size space. You'll get suggestions for colors to use as well as tips for choosing your own. You'll also see how to prepare a ceiling for painting if it's not ready. You will not only have better looking clouds at the end of this course, but also a better understanding of how to paint them anywhere. Watch these videos privately on YouTube along with others taking the course. Leave comments and questions for Joe, and even help others with your own insights.

Price: $19.00