Getting Started With Materials and Paint

The first video in the series on How to Paint a Landscape Mural, Mural Joe goes over how to start a mural including:

  1. Brushes & rollers
  2. Tape
  3. Floor covering
  4. Buckets
  5. Preparing your mural surface
  6. Getting familiar with paint
  7. Using a brush and roller
  8. Basics of mixing color

Video Length: 18:59 min
Download Size: 763 MB
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The following is an outline of the video with times in minutes and seconds:

1:00 Small Brushes
1:45 Containers
2:00 Paints
3:30 Large Brushes
5:00 Tape
5:30 Latex Extender
6:00 More Paints
7:30 Prepping with Tape
8:30 Paint on the Brush
9:30 Brush Movements
10:30 Feathering
11:30 Mixing Water
12:15 Using Extender
13:15 Storing the Brush
14:15 Roller
15:15 Mixing with a Roller
17:15 More Extender Methods