Cloud Ceiling Workshop!

On the 22nd of August 2018, We will start this online workshop! I will post a video giving instructions and showing my technique and progress in real time so that you can see everything that you need to know to paint your own ceiling. After each video, a few days will be allowed so that everyone can ask questions and get all the answers they need. A ticket for this workshop will allow you to view and comment on each video while I will be carefully watching to be sure that we all stay on track. If you have a ceiling that you’ve been wanting clouds on, this is the time to do it! You will have continued access to the entire workshop after it’s over until it is hosted again. These are the dates that the workshop will be active:

August 22-24: First video and Q and A support.

August 25: Second video with Q and A.

August 27: Another video to respond and give additional support and show the nest task.

August 28: Painting and Q and A.

August: 29-31: Video and Q and A.

September 1: Video before Labor Day weekend!

September 3-4: More Q and A and video response.

September 5-6: New video and Q and A.

Break for the weekend.

September 10-12: Final video! Complete the project Everyone shares pictures and videos of there ceilings!..if you want.

These are the post dates but keep in mind that most of you will probably work the weekends. Saturdays (except the 15th) will be dedicated to answering questions I will be back online to make sure everyone has what they need on the Sep 10th. You can take your time finishing and I will watch the comments and questions through the following weekend.

When you purchase a ticket, your e-mail will be added to the list of participants to receive all of the private video links as they are posted.

I hope to see you there!