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Paint life like clouds with dramatic depth and color! This exhaustive course was recorded live in order to get the most relevant questions and answers for highest quality instructions.

In this four part series, we go on an outdoor adventure to see water in real life and take some knowledge back to the studio!

A full course to guide you through the process of painting clouds on your ceiling. This online workshop is now available for download! Watch it on YouTube now or download…

In this series, Mural Joe gives you all the tools to create waves on a beach, in the open water, and with any color water you choose. Includes the following titles:…

In this series, Mural Joe gives you the tools to create the realistic look of being under water. This bundle includes all 5 videos from the Underwater bundle. Includes the…

Includes the following bundles and titles: Getting Started With Materials And Paint How To Paint Clouds Cloud Ceiling Workshop How To Paint Waves Bundle How To Paint Under Water Scenes…

Everything you need to know to paint a landscape mural! Joe shows step by step, his process and techniques for painting a landscape with acrylic latex wall paints. This bundle…

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In this three part lesson, Joe shows how to mix colors to get lifelike skin-tone and also how to think about positioning of the anatomy for a believable character.

Understanding the 3-D shape of sand dunes helps to paint lifelike light and shadow and create a believable landscape.

Grab a pencil, paper, and follow along with Joe in real time while he walks you step by step through his simple process for drawing people and the human form!…

Check out this preview to Part 4! Watch, learn, and paint along with Joe in this full length 4-part series on painting an autumn rocky cliff scene.  Joe walks…

The first two videos of this series are free and public on YouTube and are also posted below. In Part 3 we paint a Pacific Northwest coastline with cliffs, rocks,…

Mural Joe walks you through the details of capturing a likeness without needing to use a grid. He draws himself and his brother Ben to show just how important the…

Enjoy this in-depth lesson, "How To Paint A Beach Wave - Acrylics" in 4 parts! Part 1: "Small Waves" 1:38:35 min Part 2: "Crashing Wave" 1:32:37 min Part 3: "Sea…

In this comprehensive lesson, learn all about how to paint clouds in many different forms and lighting scenarios. Video Length: 1:58:00 min - Download Size: 3.7 GB download

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With a focus on composition and the creative process, learn how to apply all the lessons learned in painting water, clouds, crashing waves, and more in this complete stormy ocean…

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All courses are delivered by Joe via video, which allows you to view what he’s actually painting on the canvas. Some videos even include explorations with Joe into nature to study how nature moves. Joe’s videos are designed for you to follow along with the actual mechanisms and steps of the painting process. 

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When you immerse yourself in nature and learn to read your landscape, your painting skills will be absolutely revolutionized. 
Dive in, feel the wave and learn to see water differently in this new series. 

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