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Answers are what we all want. You have a great idea for an image and now all you need is the knowledge to bring it to life. Mural Joe is all about finding the tools so that anyone with the will to learn can use them. You can now join Mural Joe on Superpeer! for weekly live training videos.  Alternatively, you can download single videos and video bundles from right here.

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Whether you identify as an artist, an “amateur,” or a hobbyist, it doesn’t matter… everyone can benefit from the freedom to honor and celebrate their artistic side when they feel inspired. 

My approach to instruction is just this: let’s have some fun again!

While the traditional institutions that teach art are well-intentioned, they tend to not allow for this same freedom of space. This freedom to celebrate painting the ugly to have some fun again and perfect our skills. As an artist hungry for answers, I quickly realized that there wasn’t any teacher out there who showed the why and the mechanisms of the technical and realistic aspects of painting. 

I decided to become the researcher and guide that I wished I’d had when I was earlier on in my painting journey. That’s why I’ve created this non-threatening space that allows you to explore your art at your own pace. 

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Whether you’re looking for instruction for a specific project, are ready to dive deep and get curious, or would like to improve your overall control and freedom as an artist, there’s a Mural Joe course or class for you! 
Classes are available for purchase both individually and in selected bundles to support you in the method that works best for you. 

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When you immerse yourself in nature and learn to read your landscape, your painting skills will be absolutely revolutionized. 
Dive in, feel the wave and learn to see water differently in this new series. 

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Bundles are created to help you learn everything you need to master a particular skill set or subject. Bundles are perfect if you’re ready to dive deep into a specific area of study. 


The Mural Joe YouTube community is truly like a family! With regular live-streamed classes as well as recorded lessons, the students engage and support each other along their own painting journeys. Sign up for our mailing list to be included in our next live class! 


All courses are delivered by Joe via video, which allows you to view what he’s actually painting on the canvas. Some videos even include explorations with Joe into nature to study how nature moves. Joe’s videos are designed for you to follow along with the actual mechanisms and steps of the painting process. 

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-jacob s.

“I just wanted to tell you how much your videos and your live YouTube videos have meant to me during this season of my life. I'm 39 and I've had a lot of stress with work and providing for my family but this seriously brings me so much joy and I look forward to it every day. I think I watch at least one if not more videos of yours everyday. I'm getting really excited about the fantasy paradises I can create. I love that you teach principals... Thank you for just being yourself on the videos. It's fun to get to know you."

-elaine y.

“I have been busy painting a mural or rather a complete “Under the sea” playroom at the local Women’s shelter and just recently completed it… I wanted to thank you for the inspiration for this one. Your instructions both online and in person were invaluable to me. Thank you!"

-Mary B.

“ You have blessed my family's life. Your gift of teaching is remarkable. More important is the role model you are for following a calling and using the gifts God has given you. You are an inspiration to us all. Sharing your journey has helped us to persevere with our dreams. The format of the learning videos has helped me understand so many aspects of nature and how light works. I especially enjoy the "why" of the learning process and have learned so much from you.“ 

-Kathy M.

 “​​I can't thank you enough for sharing your talent and excellent teaching style. I truly hope you never stop making videos! You're fun to watch and extremely informative to learn from… When I first started painting, I always had a fear of making a mark on the canvas and it created huge creative blocks for me. Thanks to many hours watching/learning and practicing, I rarely have that fear anymore. Having the opposite issue now, always running out of canvases!"

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I’ve always loved to create art… to be honest, I didn’t do so well in school because I was always doodling on my assignments! But, let’s fast forward our story to 2005 to where my Mural Joe story began to unfold. After several years of commercial and residential paintwork, I started to paint murals, self-training and studying the craft. 

About Joe

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Then, in 2009, my good friend Todd Watson (the CEO of Showit) gave me the nudge I needed to develop an online presence and helped me to create my first website. At this point, YouTube was relatively new, and I literally knew nothing about technology. 

On almost a whim, I posted a “How to Paint Clouds” video on Youtube, which gradually and increasingly gained appreciation from viewers. It was totally thrilling - I became absolutely hooked on the thrill of teaching others and impacting their lives positively by helping them reconnect with their inner artist.

In 2013, I created my first video lesson for sale on my website. Our online shop now has numerous classes and bundles to support you with a safe, low-pressure and welcoming experience to learn how to paint. 


When I was growing as a painter, all I wanted was to understand the actual reason behind why we do what we do in a painting. I saw that there was a major gap in the industry. So I decided to become that person for future painters. 

I’m not motivated by the finances, the accomplishments, the legacies or accolades. What matters to me is you and helping you see how valuable your own artistic spirit is to this world. 

I’m motivated by you. My mission is to serve you with rich, wholehearted content that truly shows you the why behind what we do as painters. 

Whether you’re a brand new artist looking for tutorials on how to paint, a seasoned artist looking for a fresh perspective, or want to dabble and experience a new project, you’re in the right place. 

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