Joe Cornelius Residential/Commercial Artist and Muralist Licensed Contractor #ROC252943 Flagstaff and Northern Arizona

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I started painting murals when my friend Kellie asked if I wanted to do some artistic painting on her walls. It was my first successful mural job. After that, Greg Horn hired me as his helper and turned me on to the mural and faux painting market. A few months later I was on my own learning to be self employed as a specialty painter.

I came to Flagstaff, AZ from Ohio in '94. I started doing residential and commercial repaints as a laborer after I was fired from my grocery store job in '99. We can't all be good at everything now can we. I've been painting murals for about eight years now. Since I started as a contractor, rather than an artist, I still take a contractor's approach to all of my jobs. I don't like nonsense and I don't like terms that can't be defined. I'm into pleasing my customers and doing exactly what we set out to do. To me, art is best when the artist works hard to learn the guidelines and then uses them to show the viewers something they would not have otherwise seen. I have a lot of improving to do and you can rest assured that I'm working hard to master this art of painting..although I don't believe it can ever be done. I give credit where it's do and many better artists than myself have inspired me. I must say that this career choice has caused me to see many beauties of Gods creation. All of nature is truly balanced in the midst of hostile forces. I trust in Jesus Christ as my God and savior and I believe He will one day restore all creation from it's current state of frustration. To not trust in God, who inspires me and drives me to become better every day, is just not realistic.
Creativity is one of the most wonderful gifts in life. We all seem to have some form of it to share. I have so enjoyed posting how-to videos and being part of a knowledge sharing trend. It thrills me to think that I have helped others in there quest to understand art. I hope to do a lot more in the future. I always did hated trade secrets. If I ever see one on any subject of art or painting then you can bet I'm going to try to post a video about it. Free info rocks. I truly desire for other workers and artists to find the same happiness and success that I have.
So many friends and family have helped me and believed in me along the way. I have to thank my wife, Christy, for loving me and supporting me in my adventures. Thank you Dad for always encouraging me. Thank you

my brother, for being awesome and for the few excellent videos you've made for me.Thank you Todd Watson (Showit inc.) my friend, for teaching me how to use a camera and the web and helping me all along the way.

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