Mural Joe
Artist & Educator

I'm here to find answers. Answers that I can rely on to make my work look better and to put what I'm imagining onto the canvas. I hope that my findings are helpful to you and your work as well. I didn't make the answers. I just found them. I thank God for the beauty and mystery all around us that he has let me see and research. It's my honor to share that research with you. I don't consider myself to be of any exceptional understanding or ability. I just have a relentless sense of wonder that can't rest until I find answers to my questions about our responses to what we see and how it all works. You won't see me reference many books or other works. I'm not against them by any means. Read all that you can. That just wasn't my path. That's only because the things that I teach come from results of my own experiments to test my own questions and theories.



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